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Thank you for your interest in CG-WIFI Internet services. Your subscription will enable you to access the Internet using a CG-WIFI connectioon at the chosen speed and with the selection options.

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128K 10 Hour
128K connection speed, limited to 10 hours per calendar month. Use our free account if you're not sure you can connect at your home, or if you need infrequent Internet access to check email. We automatically inactivate free accounts when they exceed 10 ho$0.001 Year(s)
1 Day
Non-recurring 1 (one) day access at 1.5Mb$5.001 Day(s)
3 Day
Non-recurring 3 (three) Day non-recurring subscription at 1.5Mb$10.003 Day(s)
1 Week
Non-recurring 1 week (7 day) subscription at 1.5Mb$15.007 Day(s)
256K subscription (free telephone support is NOT available with this subscription)$14.951 Month(s)
1.5Mb$30.001 Month(s)
3.0Mb subscription$40.001 Month(s)
7.0Mb subscription with optional email account. PLEASE NOTE: 7.0Mb service is NOT available to everyone, so but sure you can connect at this speed from your location BEFORE you sign up for 7.0Mb service. Call us if you need help.$50.001 Month(s)

- All amounts are in U.S. Dollars
- You must be 18 years of age or older to subscribe to a service plan
- All subscriptions are final; you must apply in person at City Hall for refunds and adjustments, which are governed by rules contained in our Terms of Service.
- In general, however, no refunds or prorates will be issued if you downgrade your subscription.

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